How to Transport Budgie Birds Safely?

How to Transport Budgie Birds Safely

Transporting pets seems an easy task unless you are dealing with birds. Although I'm specifically talking about budgie birds, it's pretty much the same with other kinds of birds as well. You can place a cat or a dog inside a cage and carry it on a car seat or your bicycle's basket without worrying much about the pet.

When you put one or multiple fragile cage birds like budgies, cockatiels, etc., these poor little souls feel nervous, afraid, and threatened every single time when the cage or carrier shakes or moves due to vehicle movement.

As birds are flighty, sudden noise and movements make them leap off their perch and try to fly away. If any bird does this repeatedly, the attempts can cause physical damage to the plumage.

To make sure such unexpected things don't happen to your beloved budgies, in this article, I'll share a few tips to safely transport your birds, be it a short trip around the city, going to the vet, or shifting home to another place.

Cage or Box?

If this is the first time that you will be transporting the birds to another place, you probably are confused about whether to use a cage or box. This concern is for the bird itself. Will he/she be safe in a cage, or will he/she feel more comfortable in a box?

Budgie Birds

Whether you will need a cage or box to carry the bird will depend on your circumstances and conditions.

Say, if you are to go to the vet or a short trip around the city for a few hours, your bird's cage should be fine for such cases. This minimizes the hassle to catch the bird and place it in another carrying box. You can check the bird whenever you want, and cleaning the mess will be a lot easier using the cage.

However, there are a few circumstances where you have no option left but choosing a box to transport the bird. If you are moving to another country or state, it would be a lot convenient to transport the bird in the box in an airplane. It won't take much space, and the chances of getting hurt are much less than it's for a cage.

Budgies in a Box

Transporting Budgies in a Car

This is probably the most common way of transporting for most pet owners. Again, for a short distance, stick to the cage; otherwise, a box would be much convenient.

Put the box or cage where it won't move too much, and have any chance of falling. If you have another person in the car, his/her lap would be the best place for the little fella.

Transporting Budgies in a Car

Floor space beneath the passenger seat is another good place to keep the box. If the box or cage doesn't fit there, be sure to put it in a seat, and use a seatbelt to make it secure.

Another thing that you cannot ignore is the shock-absorbing capability of your vehicle. If it's bad, the bird will experience rapid heart beating as well as fast metabolism that will surely give the poor soul quite a stress. So, make sure your vehicle has the proper truck shocks to help you out regarding the issue.

Things Not to Do While Transporting Budgie Birds

  • Don't put the box or cage in the car's boot. It will slide around, and the exhaust fumes will cause several health issues to the bird.
  • The dashboard is another place where you shouldn't put the cage in regardless of how small the cage is. It will slide around from there as well.
  • Make sure there is no food or water inside the carrying device. Your bird doesn't need them while moving to another place. You can feed the budgie when there is a break in the journey.
Transport Budgie Birds Safely

Final Words

While transporting your budgie birds, make sure there are no risky elements or chances of facing difficult circumstances on the go.

Be sure to observe what the bird is doing inside the carrying device periodically. The bird might get a bit stressed, but as long as there is nothing that might hurt the bird, you have nothing to worry about.

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