Toy: Wedding Gown

Budgie box of tissues

Submitted by: Jared

Author’s Note: I created this toy when i was bored and was studying for a test. Well i also had a slight cold and i had a box of tissues with me. And for my study notes there was a binder clip. Well I fiddled around with it and eventually it looked like a “wedding gown”. I then decided to put in my budgies cage to see if they liked it. Well a few minutes later both my budgies were playing with it. I suggested this toy to a couple of my friends that have budgies and their budgies liked them too!

What You’ll Need:

  • Tissue
  • Binder clip (any coulor)


  • Step 1: Rip the tissue in too a bunch of little strips.

  • Step 2: Put the strips of tissue in the binder clip.

  • Step 3: Hang the “Wedding Gown” from the top of the cage ( make sure they can reach it)

  • Step 4: Watch your budgie(s) rip it and tear it apart and have loads of fun!!!

I hope your budgies enjoy the wedding gown!

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