DIY Tissue Fun

DIY Tissue Fun
Game: Tissue Fun

Submitted by: Kim

A fun game to play with your tame budgie.

What You’ll Need:

  • Tissues
  • You!


  • Step 1: Take your (tame) budgie out of its cage to play with you.

  • Step 2: Get some tissues.

  • Step 3: On a surface your budgie can run around on, such as the couch, a bed, or a clean floor, give your budgie pieces of tissue to chew up or play with.

  • Step 4: Play with your budgie by wiggling tissues around. You can also put tissue pieces on their back or play hide and seek! (Go slowly and be sure your budgie is comfortable with the tissue over him/her.)


You and your budgie will have loads of fun and it’s easy and inexpensive. Kim says her Indian Ringneck parakeet “loves tissues and loves to wear them on her back and prance around like a princess.” And her budgie, who just started talking, “won’t let you grab the tissue once she has it.” Think of other fun games you can play with your budgie with tissues. Remember to always be safe and make sure your budgie is comfortable with new toys and games.

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