Soaked Seed Breeding Supplement

Soaked Seed

Submitted by: Dionne Rautenbach

Author’s Note: In breeding season or just in general. Seed can be soaked for 24 hours to release enzymes that will enhance the budgies’ health. You can also let them sprout, which is even better.


What You’ll Need:

  • Dish to soak seed in
  • Dark, warm place


  • One tablespoon of seed
  • Warm water


  • Step 1: Place seed in a dish of warm water in a warm place overnight and in the morning rinse well under running tap.

  • Step 2: Soak again to finish the 24-hour process.

  • Step 3: Rinse again and dry on a kitchen paper towel, or leave a few days until it has sprouted, rinsing every day.
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