Toy: Chain Puzzle

Submitted by: Charlotte

A simple toy that anyone can make and is very entertaining for bored pet birds!

What You’ll Need:

  • Dog’s choker-chain (these are the strongest) size of chain depending on size of your bird
  • 100% cotton fabric strips – as many as you want
  • Wooden beads/gum leaves/sticks/treats…anything your bird can safely chew on!


  • Step 1: Tie each of the fabric strips into the links of the chain. Tie on as many as you want, as long as there are loose ends to the fabric strip once tied.

  • Step 2: To the loose ends of the strips, tie on the beads, treats and anything else you want! Be sure it’s bird-safe, though.

  • Step 3: Tie your chain puzzle to the cage bars, or a perch.

  • Step 4: Watch the bird slowly un-doing and taking apart this fun toy!
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