Peach Surprise

Budgie Peach Surprise

Submitted by: Jill Starkson

Author’s Note: The peach surprise will be a nice way to introduce a new budgie to its home, or a fun meal for your comfortable pal! I hope you enjoy!

What You’ll Need:

A small cup that is safe for your budgie
Kitchen knife or something to slice with


One peach
One small strawberry


Step 1: Take the peaches and slice them into small pieces with a kitchen knife or other cutting material. Make sure to cut off any parts of the peach that touched the pit (can be toxic).

Step 2: Put the peach slices in a small budgie safe cup.

Step 3: Cut the strawberry in half and put it in the cup.

Those are all the steps! Watch your little budgie munch on and enjoy it!

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