Toy: Helter Skelter

budgies Helter Skelter

Submitted by: Kev Bushell

Author’s Note: A spiral toy similar to an item sold in many seaside gift shops. Can be hung from a ceiling or shelf. The budgies can run up and down the spiral, and if you have two birds they ll soon discover that a spiral has two tracks so they can chase each other up and down. Any size can be made.

What You’ll Need:

  • Square or round wood doweling
  • Threaded bar, length optional (do not use metal with lead or zinc in it)
  • Two nuts/washers to fit the threaded bar (wingnuts are easiest)


  • Step 1: Take the wood strips or doweling and cut into equal lengths, around 20 cm, until you have about 20 pieces of equal length.

  • Step 2: Drill a hole big enough for the threaded bar to pass snugly through the middle of the wood strips (doing a few at once will get all the holes to line up).

  • Step 3: Wind a nut/washer to bottom of threaded bar then push all the strips of wood down the bar to any required size.

  • Step 4: Wind on a nut/washer to the top of bar till nearly tight.

  • Step 5: Now twist the strips of wood so as to form steps this will give you a spiral of whatever length you wish.

  • Step 6: Hang up from a hook or string.
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