Game: Hanging Tissues

Submitted by: Ayesha

This is a game that can be played with your budgies, even if they are not tame.

What You’ll Need:

  • Tissue Paper
  • You
  • Parakeets


  • Step 1: Take one soft tissue paper and rip it into long strips.

  • Step 2: Hold the strips through the slots at the top of the cage. Try to get the tissue close to your parakeet, but don’t get too close or it might get threatened and run away.

  • Step 3: If your parakeet runs away from the hanging tissue, take it easy. Don’t scare it to much. Maybe you could give your parakeet a break and try again later. Maybe you could tie a knot and leave the hanging tissue there.

You can play this game in or out of the cage, whatever you prefer. My parakeets love the game hanging tissues and I hope your budgies do too!

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