Toy: The Food Chain

Budgie Food Chain

Submitted by: Kristy

A toy/treat combination.

What You’ll Need:

  • Brand new plastic or aluminum chain (parakeet size, can be found in bird toy section of pet store)
  • Clean organic-style craft twine (be absolutely certain there is no oil or pesticide on it)
  • A couple large sized parrot biscuits, about an inch and a half long
  • Some air popped plain popcorn
  • Honey flavored graham cracker pieces, one inch by one inch, roughly
  • A small screw driver
  • A mini carabiner or a plastic spring clip with a key ring (can be found in bird toy section of pet store or in bird specialty shop)


  • Step 1: Attach the chain to the clip or carabiner with the key ring.

  • Step 2: Tie the twine alongside the chain.

  • Step 3: With the screw driver, carefully make a hole through the center of the food items. If you let the graham crackers go slightly stale and they will be MUCH easier to work with.

  • Step 4: Begin weaving the twine through the chain, stringing the food items as you go so that the food items are securely attached to the chain.

  • Step 5: when you run out of chain, if you have enough twine left over, loop it around the bottom of the last link a few times so it can’t slip and then tie the twine securely to a bell so that it hangs down below the chain.

Now your keets have a treat AND a toy combined, the twine is good for their “destructive” side as they can shred it to pieces and as long as you nave twine, you can keep making this toy with any food you want. It’s a fun, interactive way to broaden your bird’s palate.

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