Egg Treat

budgie Egg Treat

Submitted by: Tammy Wasson

Author’s Note: This is a great healthy and full of calcium treat to serve your budgies, you’ll also love to watch them.

What You’ll Need:

Boiling pot of water (for hard boiling eggs)
Grater or kitchen knife
A treat cup


2 Eggs
1 Carrot


Step 1: Put two eggs in boiling water to boil for around 9 minutes.

Step 2: While the eggs are boiling wash the carrot and grate it into thin slices.

Step 3: Chop up the broccoli, also in thin slices.

Step 4: Take out the eggs and wait for them to cool. When they are cool crush them up into fairly small pieces, including the shell.

Step 5: Mix everything together, put it into the seed cup and sprinkle on some seed.

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