Do It Yourself: Do Away with Flimsy Cuttlebone Clips!

Do Away with Flimsy Cuttlebone Clips

A Budgie Place Original

You know those flimsy metal clips that come with the cuttlebones you buy at the pet store? You’re supposed to bend them at different points in order to secure the cuttlebone to the cage bars. But for me, they never seem to work well. So I came up with a better way!

What You’ll Need:

  • Paper plate
  • Small screwdriver
  • Cuttlebone
  • Small zip tie


  • Step 1: Place a paper plate on a hard surface and gather together all your supplies (small screwdriver, cuttlebone, small zip tie).


  • Step 2: Place the cuttlebone on the paper plate, soft side up.




  • Step 3: At the long-ways centerline of the cuttlebone, use the small screwdriver to punch 2 holes, about an inch apart all the way through, until you hear the hard backing crunch. Twist the screwdriver in circles to create a full circular opening all the way through the back of the cuttlebone.



  • Step 4: Thread the small zip tie, pointy side first, from back to front through one of the holes. Now thread the zip tie across and pull through the other hole.



  • Step 5: Place the cuttlebone inside your budgie’s cage and close the zip tie around two or three cage bars.

  • Step 6 (Optional): Clip the excess of the zip tie down to size.


Simple, easy, durable. Every once in a while, you may want to tighten the zip tie up a little bit as the cuttlebone shrinks in size.


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