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10 Best Parakeet Cages Review Of 2020 – Expert Buying Guide


So you have finally decided to pet the cute-looking, lovely, intelligent parakeet? Well, guess what? You have just joined millions of other homes across the US who are already enjoying the lively, attractive company of this fantastic birdie. However, you’ll need to find the best parakeet cage—a sweet, 5-star home where they can live freely, comfortably, […]

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Playgym: Treehouse

Budgie Treehouse

Submitted by: Mary Author’s Note: Your little keet will have loads of fun on their own little treehouse! What You’ll Need: Safe NON-TOXIC glue Dowels or/and safe “greenwood” of your choice A sturdy box Steps: Step 1: Form a T with two long dowels and glue them together. Step 2: After you’ve formed a T, […]

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Playgym: Keet House

budgies keet house

Submitted by: Sofia Author’s Note: Your parakeet will LOVE this “keet house”! What You’ll Need: Empty cardboard box Utility knife Colored duct tape (available in multiple colors) Fun budgie stuff: cotton balls, paper, millet sprays, etc. Steps: Step 1: Get an empty cardboard box. Step 2: Now, use a utility knife to cut windows and […]

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Playgym: Budgie Basket

Budgie Basket

Submitted by: Claire Author’s Note: Easter-basket style basket with a strong handle, sturdy twine, and toy/treat embellishments. If you want your budgies to hang out with you outside of their cage but you are tired of wiping up their little poopies from your furniture, then consider the “Budgie Basket”. What You’ll Need: A basket (see […]

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