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Game: Hanging Tissues

Submitted by: Ayesha This is a game that can be played with your budgies, even if they are not tame. What You’ll Need: Tissue Paper You Parakeets Steps: Step 1: Take one soft tissue paper and rip it into long strips. Step 2: Hold the strips through the slots at the top of the cage. […]

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Toy: Bell Toy

Budgie Bell Toy

Submitted by: Brittney Author’s Note: My parakeets love to play with this! Its cheap, easy, and quick to repair. What You’ll Need: Some bird-safe string Sparkly beads A medium-sized bell Steps: Step 1: Cut off a piece of string as long as you need it to be. Step 2: Tie the bell on the end. […]

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Game: Fan Game

Budgie Fan Game

Submitted by: Katarina Author’s Note: This is a fun and easy game that is inexpensive and requires something most people have. What You’ll Need: You Your bird A ceiling fan Steps: Step 1: Turn your ceiling fan off. Make sure no one will turn it back on by accident. You may also need to dust/clean […]

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Toy: Cuddle Feeder

Budgie Feeder

Submitted by: Conure FeatherDragon Author’s Note: A feeder in which the keet can hide in and feed safely while watching things go on. To prevent breeding problems I throw seed in there and only use it as a toy for temporary sessions. There’s three ways to make it. What You’ll Need: A clear plastic 2 […]

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Toy: Tissue Box Swing

Submitted by: Danielle France Danielle came up with this idea because she travels and have lots of tissue boxes from hotels. This idea can work for well for large cages. What You’ll Need: 1 tissue box (empty) Sissal rope Scissors Steps: Step 1: Cut a window in each side of the box (the main opening […]

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Toy: Rope Bridge

Budgie Rope Bridge

Submitted by: Mike A bridge for your budgie to use to get from his cage to you. What You’ll Need: Cotton or sisel rope, any length desired Steps: Step 1: Tie one end of the rope to somewhere on your budgie’s cage where he can get on it. Step 2: Tie the other end to […]

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Toy: Cheerio String

Budgie Cheerio String

Submitted by: Jessica A toy/treat combination. What You’ll Need: Cheerios Twine Steps: Step 1: Get the twine and put cheerios through (put as many as you want!) Step 2: Tie a knot on the end of the last cheerio so all the cheerios stay on the sting. Step 3: Gently place the cheerio string into […]

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Toy: Chain Puzzle

Submitted by: Charlotte A simple toy that anyone can make and is very entertaining for bored pet birds! What You’ll Need: Dog’s choker-chain (these are the strongest) size of chain depending on size of your bird 100% cotton fabric strips – as many as you want Wooden beads/gum leaves/sticks/treats…anything your bird can safely chew on! […]

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Toy: The Food Chain

Budgie Food Chain

Submitted by: Kristy A toy/treat combination. What You’ll Need: Brand new plastic or aluminum chain (parakeet size, can be found in bird toy section of pet store) Clean organic-style craft twine (be absolutely certain there is no oil or pesticide on it) A couple large sized parrot biscuits, about an inch and a half long […]

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TOY: DIY Cloud

Budgie DIY Cloud

Toy: The Cloud Submitted by: Ashcan Author’s Note: An inexpensive, innovative toy that budgies will really love to play with. What You’ll Need: Small or medium sized binder clip OR wood clothespin White or recycled paper (1 or 2 sheets) Scissors Steps: Step 1: Cut the paper long-ways into strips about 1/4 inch (.5 cm) […]

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