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Playgym: Treehouse

Budgie Treehouse

Submitted by: Mary Author’s Note: Your little keet will have loads of fun on their own little treehouse! What You’ll Need: Safe NON-TOXIC glue Dowels or/and safe “greenwood” of your choice A sturdy box Steps: Step 1: Form a T with two long dowels and glue them together. Step 2: After you’ve formed a T, […]

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Playgym: Keet House

budgies keet house

Submitted by: Sofia Author’s Note: Your parakeet will LOVE this “keet house”! What You’ll Need: Empty cardboard box Utility knife Colored duct tape (available in multiple colors) Fun budgie stuff: cotton balls, paper, millet sprays, etc. Steps: Step 1: Get an empty cardboard box. Step 2: Now, use a utility knife to cut windows and […]

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Toy: Treasure Chest

budgies Treasure Chest

Submitted by: Shangi Author’s Note: Some fun budgie things wrapped up in paper to entertain your budgies. What You’ll Need: Paper (1-2 sheets) Fun budgie things Cotton balls Ripped up tissues Ripped up paper Etc. Clip (like cuttlebone clip) Steps: Step 1: Take the fun budgie stuff and put in a small pile to use. […]

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Toy: Bird Piñata

budgies Bird Piñata

Submitted by: Briar Author’s Note: This is a fun way to entertain your budgie! Not only is it cheap, but it’s both a toy and a treat! Watch them slowly rip this toy apart, and eat what they find inside! What You’ll Need: Toilet paper roll (just the cardboard roll) Newspaper (black and white ink […]

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Game: Georgie’s Slinky

budgie Georgies Slinky

Submitted by: Tina Lewis Author’s Note: I found this by pure accident and my budgie Georgie loves it. What You’ll Need: Slinky toy, the more colorful the better Instructions: Hang the slinky from a curtain pole or inside cage if high enough. Watch as your budgie climbs in/out, upside down, pops out the bottom or […]

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Toy: Spinin’ Birdie

Spinin Birdie

Submitted by: Ashley Author’s Note: Your budgie doesn’t have to be tame to play. Birds love it! What You’ll Need: A cat toy ball (with holes) A bird safe string Your bird’s favorite treats Your budgie in its cage Steps: Step 1: Tie the ball to the string. Step 2: Place treats into the ball. […]

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