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Toy: Treasure Chest

budgies Treasure Chest

Submitted by: Shangi Author’s Note: Some fun budgie things wrapped up in paper to entertain your budgies. What You’ll Need: Paper (1-2 sheets) Fun budgie things Cotton balls Ripped up tissues Ripped up paper Etc. Clip (like cuttlebone clip) Steps: Step 1: Take the fun budgie stuff and put in a small pile to use. […]

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Toy: Bird Piñata

budgies Bird Piñata

Submitted by: Briar Author’s Note: This is a fun way to entertain your budgie! Not only is it cheap, but it’s both a toy and a treat! Watch them slowly rip this toy apart, and eat what they find inside! What You’ll Need: Toilet paper roll (just the cardboard roll) Newspaper (black and white ink […]

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Game: Georgie’s Slinky

budgie Georgies Slinky

Submitted by: Tina Lewis Author’s Note: I found this by pure accident and my budgie Georgie loves it. What You’ll Need: Slinky toy, the more colorful the better Instructions: Hang the slinky from a curtain pole or inside cage if high enough. Watch as your budgie climbs in/out, upside down, pops out the bottom or […]

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Toy: Spinin’ Birdie

Spinin Birdie

Submitted by: Ashley Author’s Note: Your budgie doesn’t have to be tame to play. Birds love it! What You’ll Need: A cat toy ball (with holes) A bird safe string Your bird’s favorite treats Your budgie in its cage Steps: Step 1: Tie the ball to the string. Step 2: Place treats into the ball. […]

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Toy: Butter Tub Gym

budgie Butter Tub Gym

Submitted by: Joann Author’s Note: My young budgies love to play peek a boo threw the holes, chase each other through the holes, swing on it, chase the little balls inside, and make noise with their feet on the plastic bottom. What You’ll Need: Large butter tub with lid (thoroughly washed) Nylon rope Cat toy […]

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Game: Marble Fun

Budgie Play Marble Fun

Submitted by: Elena A. Author’s Note: My parakeet had a lot of fun with this. This works best on a carpeted floor; on a hard floor the marble rolls too far. What You’ll Need: Clean marble Instructions: Just place the marble on the floor and gently roll it towards your parakeet. It may take your […]

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Toy: Twine Ladder

Budgie Twine Ladder

Submitted by: Alyndy A ladder made entirely of twine What You’ll Need: About 3 yards of twine Scissors Steps: Step 1: Cut two lengths of twine however long you want your ladder to be, allowing space to tie to cage. Step 2: Lay lengths of twine about 1″ apart, then cut 2 1/2″ lengths of […]

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Toy: Rubber Band Ball

Rubber Band Ball

Submitted by: The Bug What You’ll Need: Tissues All-cloth hair bands (these bands are covered in cloth with no rubber exposed and no metal parts) Non toxic twine or string Steps: Step 1: Wad up a good sized ball of tissues about two and one half inches in diameter. Step 2: Around the ball, fasten […]

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