Monthly Archives: July 2019

Toy: Rubber Band Ball

Rubber Band Ball

Submitted by: The Bug What You’ll Need: Tissues All-cloth hair bands (these bands are covered in cloth with no rubber exposed and no metal parts) Non toxic twine or string Steps: Step 1: Wad up a good sized ball of tissues about two and one half inches in diameter. Step 2: Around the ball, fasten […]

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Toy: Ceiling Swing

Budgie Ceiling Swing

Submitted by: Nick Author’s Note: Just a simple ceiling perch/swing that my birds love. What You’ll Need: Cage swing (can be purchased from a pet store) Small ceiling hook (can be purchased from a hardware store) Cardboard 1 or 2 plastic hangers Steps: Step 1: Cut a small hole in a circular piece of cardboard […]

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Toy: Paper Muncher

Budgie Paper Muncher

Submitted by: Marissa Author’s Note: Your parakeet may like this toy a lot if it likes to munch on paper. This is a very quick toy to learn how to make. What You’ll Need: Beads Twine Computer paper Steps: Step 1: Get some beads, twine and paper. Step 2: Put the beads on some twine. […]

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Toy: Yummy Fun

Yummy Fun

Submitted by: Barbara A fun and delightful treat for your budgies. What You’ll Need: Paper towel roll Scissors Hole puncher Sewing thread A hook of some sort Carrots (shredded) and any other foods your budgie and/or parakeet might like Steps: Step 1: Cut the paper towel roll in half. Step 2: Use the hole puncher […]

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Game: Hanging Tissues

Submitted by: Ayesha This is a game that can be played with your budgies, even if they are not tame. What You’ll Need: Tissue Paper You Parakeets Steps: Step 1: Take one soft tissue paper and rip it into long strips. Step 2: Hold the strips through the slots at the top of the cage. […]

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Toy: Bell Toy

Budgie Bell Toy

Submitted by: Brittney Author’s Note: My parakeets love to play with this! Its cheap, easy, and quick to repair. What You’ll Need: Some bird-safe string Sparkly beads A medium-sized bell Steps: Step 1: Cut off a piece of string as long as you need it to be. Step 2: Tie the bell on the end. […]

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Game: Fan Game

Budgie Fan Game

Submitted by: Katarina Author’s Note: This is a fun and easy game that is inexpensive and requires something most people have. What You’ll Need: You Your bird A ceiling fan Steps: Step 1: Turn your ceiling fan off. Make sure no one will turn it back on by accident. You may also need to dust/clean […]

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