General Pet Budgie/Parakeet Information
Parrot Parrot: English Budgies & Parakeets This site is dedicated to small parrots (including budgies) and has lots of important and useful information on the care and keeping of these wonderful pets.
Me & My Budgie A neat site where you can learn about budgie care, arts & crafts, and see pics/profiles of pet parakeets. This site has excellent articles about keeping budgies as pets.
The Budgie Bond This page deals with the bond between budgie and budgie owner. Lots of good information.
Budgiemania This site has a lot of budgie food/treat recipies, videos and photos, a place to get advice, and more.
The Budgie Nest This site has a few good articles on budgie care and breeding. Budgie Basic information on the budgie as well as other parrot species.
Bird Experts A site dedicated to budgies and cockatiels where you can become a member. Post videos, pictures, forums and more.
Budgerigar, Parakeets @ Animal-World Information on the pet budgie including set-up and care.
UpAtSix’s Budgie FAQ Comprehensive information on pet budgies.
Budgie Madness A site with the cutest features and interesting information on budiges.
Budgie Hollywood Jam-packed with articles, pictures, and useful information. Very colorful!
The Parakeet Place A large and extensive collection of articles and information on owning parakeets. A fun and informative site.
Budgie Groups and Forums
The Budgie & Parakeet Place Forum Our very own brand new Budgie & Parakeet Place forum! Come and register today to get your budgie related questions answered and join in our budgie discussions!
The Budgie Place Group The official e-mail group of The Budgie and Parakeet Place. Membership includes access to chat, polls, and more.
Budgerigar Breeders Club Inc. Forums A very active forum which includes many sub-forums. Membership required to post.
Adorable Budgies This UK-based site has budgerigar pictures, information, articles, videos, and a forum.
Budgie Chat A message board at UpAtSix dedicated to budgie discussion. Part of a larger discussion board dedicated to pet birds and different kinds of parrots.
Lisa’s Forum on Parakeets A friendly forum for parakeet owners.
Budgie Information and Science Articles
UK Budgies Budgie breeder in the United Kingdom with articles on proper budgie care.
Bella Online – Birds Great articles on keeping pet birds.
Bonsai Fallows Complete information source on Fallow Budgerigars. Also includes very nice pictures.
BirdsnWays Lots of information on pet birds with tons of articles and other resources.
Wing Clipping: Why When and How Useful information on wing clipping.
The Parrot Pages A Home for Avian Information. They have searched the web so you don’t have to with over 2700 Links.
MUTAVI Articles on budgie genetics. Includes information on the new blackface variety!
Tips to Keep Your Parakeet Healthy A very good article with information every parakeet owner should know.
Exhibition Budgerigar Information
American Budgerigar Society The official site of the ABS. View show and club locations, schedules and contacts, order bands, and more.
Budgerigar World Magazine Home of the world’s leading budgerigar magazine. View articles and cover photos. Also includes a breeder directory and more.
The Al-Nasser Experience Homepage of successful champion budgerigar breeders and exhibitors Ghalib and Janice Al-Nasser. Includes articles on rare budgerigar varieties.
Didier Mervilde Homepage of exhibitor, breeder, and judge of quality exhibition budgerigars, Didier Mervilde. Includes articles on specialist varieties and breeding.
Rinus van den Broek Homepage of exhibitor and judge Rinus van den Broek, specialist in clearbodies, pieds, and spangles. Lots of pictures of his flock.
Tom Svensson Photos and articles on showing exhibition budgies.
Budgerigar Peru Site of national judge Julio Aguilar. Show quiality birds available all year.
Pet Budgie Homepages and Dedications
Gatesey the Budgie This has got to be the cutest budgie homepage! A must see.
Keet Corner A wonderful story about budgie breeding with pictures.
Bailey Dedicated to Bailey a talking budgie. Great pics!
Cruddy the Crudgie Budgie Photo album of a very cute lutino budgie.
Birdie Dedicated to “the blue bird of happines.”
Blue Budgie’s Barn Dedicated to a blue budgie Leeloo and his wife Kiwi
Bossy and Nunny Photo albums of two very cute budgie pals.
Peanut’s Playhouse Dedicated to Peanut and Tweety. Includes pics of baby budgies.
Pasha The little budgie from Turkey.
Budgie, Parakeet, and Bird Products
The Budgie & Parakeet Place Web Store Check out our very own web store, where you can shop for budgie and parakeet toys, supplements, accessories, and more!
NUTS for Birds! This page is a resource for budgie, parakeet and other bird owners to learn about nuts and seeds that are healthful for birds, as well as a place for bird lovers to share stories, post photos and tell a leading provider of bird treats what they want!
Fixing Your Parrot’s Problems: Parakeets This site offers a video training course that teaches you how to tame your budgie, stop biting, and even teach him tricks. Also includes information on budgie care. The site has a really cute video of a trained budgie.
The Really Wild Bird Food Company This family farming company’s website offers offers a full range of wild bird foods produced locally on their UK farm.
Vine House Farm Growers and sellers of wild bird food in the UK. “We grow much of what we sell on our family run conservation award winning farm. We also offer farm walks and open days.”
Buddie the Budgie This page sells an illustrated book about a cheerful budgerigar named Buddie, as well as shirts, mugs, etc featuring Buddie the Budgie.
Parakeet Toys Hand made custom parakeet toys, perches, and play gyms.
Windy City Parrot Online store where you can find everything you need to care for an exotic bird.
For Your Bird An online store where you can order anything you need for your pet bird.