How Do I Get My Budgie to Eat Veggies?

If your budgie shows no interest in fresh foods and you care about his health and well-being, you have to keep trying, and you have to make fresh foods interesting to your budgie. To give you an idea of the kind of fresh foods your budgie might like, you should know that budgies tend like foods that are crispy. They also tend to really like their veggies wet, so before you put any fresh produce in the cage, rinse it first so that it’s nice and covered in water droplets. So to start, try wet dark leaf lettuce or wet green carrot tops. Try to entice your budgie to check them out by hanging them by their favorite perching spot. If that doesn’t work, next time loop them around your budgie’s favorite toy. Try different things, as something is bound to catch your budgie’s interest. Budgies like some of their veggies chopped or shredded so that they can pick up and nibble little bits of it. Try shredding up carrots into tiny pieces and putting it on top of the seed. You can also try broccoli, which is a common budgie favorite. Alfalfa SproutsIf clipping a small piece in the cage doesn’t work, try chopping up the buds and putting them in a treat dish or on top of the seed. My budgies really like sprouts, which are crispy and fun for them to much on. You can see my budgies muching on organic alfalfa sprouts in the picture. You should never give up because your budgie’s health is too important. A budgie on a seed only diet will usually live a significantly shorter life span. It may take a while, but your budgie will eventually try something he/she likes! The rest will be easy.