What Are Some Favorite Budgie Toys?


Some of the toys that I’ve found budgies like the most are the cheapest and simplest toys you can get at a pet store. I recommend you get a variety of toys for your budgie’s cage. It’s a good idea to get a couple more toys than you put in the cage so that you can rotate the toys every once in a while to keep your budgie from getting bored. There is a wide variety of bird toys available at pet stores nowadays, but you don’t need to spend a fortune! Get a couple of the simple basics like you see below, and then get maybe one or two of the more expensive toys. Remember, whatever you choose make sure it’s the right size for budgies, and that they are safe for your bird to play with.

My budgie Buffy’s favorite toy in the cage is a simple bell on a chain. You can get a small sized bell like the one seen on the right for only about US $1.30 at a leading pet store chain.

My budgie Pi’s favorite toy in the cage is a ball with a bell in it, the one you see on the left.

Budgie love swings. They use them for playing on, sleeping on, and chewing on. This is an inexpensive toy that will get a lot of use. You can get a simple budgie swing like you see to the right for only about US $2.30 at a leading pet store chain.

Budgies love to squeeze through and around things. This is their idea of fun! So a set of rings is a must-have. You can get a simple set of budgie-sized rings for only about US $1.50 at a leading pet store chain.

You have to provide your budgie with at least one toy that is meant to be destroyed. Budgies need to chew on something in order to keep their beaks in shape. Pet stores now offer a variety of bird chew toys. Since budgies’ beaks are smaller and softer than bigger birds, a budgie’s chew toy should be made of a softer wood, and not a hard wood like manzanita which budgies can’t chew. One that I really like to give my budgies is called the “Bird Kabob.” As you can see on the right, it’s made of small round pieces of soft wood which you can hang in the cage. You can separate the individual pieces if you wish and attach them inside the cage as you please. Remember, these toys are meant to be messed up and destroyed, so keep in mind that they will need to be replaced every so often with another destructible toy.