How Do I Get My Budgie to Eat Pellets?


None of our budgies are on a pelleted diet. We feed high quality seed, veggies, fruits and whole grain breads. For those that wish to convert their birds, here is a letter by Marty:

I have two Budgies named Junior and Sprite. They eat a varied diet of pellets, seeds and veggies. They are both males and get along very well. Junior is very, very old (11+) (Junior has outlived three other birds) and Sprite is about 18 months old.

The transition to pellets was pretty easy. I served them a mixture of seed and pellets. It took about six months before they were totally comfortable with pellets. Then I slowly reduced seed until they consumed only pellets during the day. Every afternoon they share one teaspoon of seeds at the jungle gym. Also, they get corn (which they love) and dandelion greens (which they tolerate) on alternate days. Occasionally they get grated fresh carrots. But they don’t seem to enjoy carrots too much. Note: If one bird is already eating pellets and veggies a new bird will follow quite quickly.

I believe that a varied diet which includes pellets, seeds, fruits and veggies is the key to a long-lived healthy bird. Whenever introducing a new food be patient – it may take a year for them to eat it! You may feel that you are wasting the food or pellets but it’s really at a minimal cost. My birds have eaten all pellet brands – but they prefer Lafaeber and Kaytee Rainbow (in that order).
(by Marty)

NOTE: If your budgie absolutely refuses to eat pellets, do not force him to and do not take away his seed. Some budgies have been known to starve to death when over-zealous owners tried to force them onto this “healthy” diet (what good is that if they are dead?!) Please be sensitive to your budgie!