My New Budgie Doesn’t Eat!

You may have brought home your new budgie and observed that he/she doesn’t eat very much, or at all. Moving away from their flock and into a totally new environment can be quite stressful for a budgie. This can cause them to be reluctant to eat. It is important for your budgie to consume enough food. When you purchase your budgie, find out from the breeder or pet store what brand of seed the budgies are eating. Ask if you can have a small amount, or purchase a bag of the seed. Having the same food your budgie is used to will help encourage him/her to eat. You should also buy some millet sprays and attach one or two in the cage next to his/her favorite spot with a clip or a twist tie. Spray millet is a favorite treat that budgies find hard to resist. Also, baby budgies will often want to eat off the floor, so spread some seed on the bottom of the cage for from them. If the bottom is grated, use a wide plastic lid to put seeds in on the bottom of the cage.

Once your budgie is eating well and has settled into his/her new environment, you can gradually change the brand of seed if you wish and only offer the spray millet about once a week as a treat.